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Standards: EN 196-1,1367-1

MIT Series Air Conditioning Test Cabinet



MIT Test Cabinets are produced to simulate real climate conditions by controlling temperature, humidity, day-night light cycles. The temperature and humidity control range of MIT Test Cabinets allows many tests to be carried out in different sectors. In addition, stability, artificial aging, storage and shelf life tests can also be easily performed. The excellent design of the device enables MIT series devices to be used in many industries.

Electrical and Electronic Industry,
Automotive Industry
Automotive Supply Industry,
Chemical Industry,
Plastic Industry,
Textile Industry,
Pharmaceutical Industry,
Food industry,
Plant Growth,
seed shaping,
Adapting plants to new climatic conditions,
Production of plant, cell and tissue cultures,
Genetic research of plants,
Cultivation of cells and protoplasm
Incubation and rearing of insects,
All tests requiring special temperature, humidity and lighting
low water level,

The best materials have been used in the interior and exterior structure to ensure maximum durability and reliability. The cell is made of Stainless Steel and the outer body is made of epoxy painted galvanized steel so that it will not be affected by high humidity.

Lamps of sufficient power located inside the door, protected by heat and moisture resistant glass, provide daylight to the samples. The glazed metal door allows the observation of samples without affecting the humidity and temperature values ​​inside the cell. Considering cold and hot test temperatures, insulation is of great importance for the efficiency of the product. The insulation of MIT Test Cabinet devices is provided by injected high density polyurethane.

Humidity is provided by a humidity generator and measured by the humidity sensor inside the cell. In this way, the most precise measurement of humidity was achieved. Temperature PID, humidification and cooling are controlled by proportional control system.

In addition to the diagnostic system, there is an adjustable safety thermostat used for heating. The user panel of the device has a 128×64 pixel touch screen. Strong air circulation provides stability with very good temperature and humidity distribution, even at low temperatures. There is a quick recovery time after the door opens and closes. MIT Test Cabinets are equipped with an advanced microprocessor control system.

Program Memory: There are ten program memories in the device.
Temperature Value: -10 ̊C/+60 ̊C
Humidity Value: 20%-95% Rh
“Lighting: 0-24 hours, 2 periods lighting on, 2 periods lighting off,
Time: 0-999 hours 59 minutes and indefinite operation
Number of Digits: 1-9
Number of Program Repeats: 1-9

MIT series Test Cabinets can be connected to a computer with the optional RS 232 connection. In addition, the refrigerant gas and insulation material used in MIT Test Chambers are environmentally friendly and do not contain CFCs.