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Product features:

Standard: TS 1900-1, TS EN 932-5, 1097-5, ASTM C127, C136, D558, D1557, D1559, BS 1377,

• Temperature operating range: Ambient temperature +5°C / 250°C

• Ideal design for dry air sterilization, drying and heating processes

• Programmable PID microprocessor control system
• Digital displays for temperature and time, easy-to-use control panel

• Stainless steel cell that is resistant to many chemicals and easy to clean

• Excellent temperature distribution and stability with triple insulation and air jacket heating system

• Homogeneous temperature distribution provided by natural air circulation

• Low heat loss thanks to the door that closes tightly and presses the seal completely

• Adjustable ventilation valve

• Safety thermostat



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