Product code: I/M-095


Product features:

STANDARDS:EN 196-1,196-3,1015-2,413-2,459-2,12687-35,ASTM C305
Track speeds :: 62 and 125 r.p.m.

Mixer speeds: 140 and 285 r.p.m.

The stainless bowl has a capacity of 5 liters and is quickly attached to the fastening buckles and can even be easily removed from the mixer by unfastening the clasps.
The mixer is covered in stainless steel.

It has two safety sections in accordance with CE directives: one is mounted on the bottom of the container and the other is the upper safety section.
It automatically performs tests in EN 196-1-EN 196-3 standards.
Color 4.3 inch
It has a touch screen.
Power: 220-240 V 1 ph 50 Hz

Voltage: 400W
Size: 550 x 600 x 600 (h) mm
Weight: 45 Kg



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