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The robustly manufactured device automatically compresses the bitumen samples and the engine automatically stops when it reaches the last number entered in the digital counter. The lowering mechanism is made so that the sliding mallet hits from the same height with each blow. The mold is positioned with a clamp. The compactor has a concrete base and a support block made of hardwood placed on top of the base. The device has a safety door and switch according to the CE directive. It stops automatically when the door is opened. All moving parts can be accessed quickly and easily for maintenance.

Hammer Weight: 4535 ± 15 g

Drop Height: 457 ± 5 mm

Hit frequency: 50 hits in 55/60 seconds
Power: 220-240 V 1 ph 50 Hz 750 W
Size: 500 x 500 x 1890 mm
Weight: 220 Kg



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