Product code: I/B-073


Product features:


TS EN 1427; ASTM D36; AASHTO T53
Automatic Softening Point Test Device,
It is used to determine the softening point of bituminous materials according to the “ring and ball method”. It is a microprocessor controlled automatic device.
Two horizontally positioned disc-shaped bituminous binder samples, cast in brass rings and each with a ball, are heated at a controlled rate in a liquid bath. The softening point is the average of the temperature values ​​read from the thermometer when each ball embedded in the disk-shaped bitumen samples falls below 25.0 mm ± 0.4 mm.

The softening point is detected by suitably positioned photoelectric sensors and the temperature is measured by a PT100 sensor. With the help of a magnetic stirrer with an adjustable speed control system, a homogeneous temperature distribution is achieved in the container and the temperature balance in accordance with the relevant standards is fully maintained by the electronic system during the experiment process.
The cooling system of the device allows the temperature of the test liquid to be rapidly reduced by up to +5 C and to reach the balanced temperature increase rates specified in the standard and reduces the time between two tests.

Device; It has a heating and cooling system, an electric elevator system, a speed-controlled magnetic stirrer, a barrier type photoelectric sensor, a microprocessor control, a temperature probe with a large color touch graphic display, and an Ethernet port for a computer. Supplied with glass beaker, frame (bottom plate with thermometer and ring holder), 2 brass rings each, steel ball and ball centering guide.
power: 220 volts 50 Hz / 1100 watts

Size: 500x600x720mm

weight: 40 kg



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