Product code :I/C-129

STANDARDS: TS 2824 EN 1338, EN 1339, 1340, 13892-3 / DIN 52108
It measures the volumetric loss of the sample under wear test and is used for wear tests of the following materials.
– Paving stones
– Concrete structural elements
– Elements made of Natural Stones
– Natural stone building elements
The device is designed so that the load can be transmitted perpendicularly to the center of the sample via the loading rod. The lever’s own weight is balanced by the counter load and the pan on which the loading weight will be placed. The load acting on the sample was found by multiplying the loading weight by the lever arm, (294±3) N (corresponding to 5.88 N/cm² or approximately 0.06 N/mm²).
Before performing the test, the specific gravity and thickness of the sample must be determined. The test should be between 16 -22 rounds, the average volume and weight should be calculated at the end of the test.
The device consists of the following parts:
– The diameter of the rotating disk is 750 mm and is placed horizontally. When the load is applied, its speed is (30±1) mm/second.
Test trace: The inner radius of the test trace is 120 mm, the outer radius is 320 mm, and the width is 200 mm. The test trace can be changed when desired.
-The electronic control panel consists of a start/stop button and a programmable 5-digit digital counter.
-Sample holder
Power: 230V 50Hz 1PH 800W
Size: 1500 x 1000 x h 850 mm
Weight: 250 Kg



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