Product code: I/M-160


Product features:

Standards: EN 196-1,ASTM C109,C349
It performs the testing process fully automatically and has speed adjustment and software for the test report.

Upper and lower pressing plate diameter: 165 mm
Vertical clearance between plates: 189 mm
Vertical clearance between plates: 189 mm

Double loaded frame:

0 – 250 kN (for Bsma tests)

0 – 15 kN (For bending tests)

Low capacity lipiston (15kN) allows tests on samples requiring low strength. (Includes Compression and Bending test). Max. Piston travel: 35 mm Protection cover made of fiberglass to comply with CE directive. Two durable columns are placed on a steel base. Calibration class is 1st class. The device is complete with upper and lower compression plates and easily placed Compression and Flexural test apparatus.
Power: 220-240V 1ph 50z 750W
Size: 700 x 400 x h 1500 mm
Weight: 310 kg approx.



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