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EN 12697/30 A steel anvil. Sturdy compaction pedestal

with base plate and cast steel anvil. Attached

to the pedestal is the chain operated drop weight

lifting device, driven by an electric motor. The drop

weight is lifted and released by a special system from

two sides reducing friction during fall to a minimum

and ensuring an almost constant compaction energy.

A safety cover with viewing windows is provided

around the chain and drop weight release device.

The rigid mould spanner set fi xed on the anvil is

equipped with a compaction rammer lifting device.

The blow counter with electrical control is installed

in a separate control box connected with a cable. A

presetting counter stops the motor after reaching

the preselected number of drops. Including compaction

rammer. Moulds not included – see below

Dim. appr. 600x600x2000 mm,
Weight appr.
210 kg.
220 V, 50 Hz



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