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Single Mass dynamic cone penetrometer is faster, cheaper and valuable tool for identifying weak spots in embankments, measuring uniformity of material and locating boundaries of subcuts and also be used to delineate between layers of frozen and unfrozen soils. (It should not be used in highly stabilized or cemented materials or for granular materials containing aggregates greater than 50mm) The instrument is manufactured from stainless steel to the following specifications:- Hammer weight measurement of 8 Kg. Tolerance is 0.004K- Drop of hammer measurement of 575mm. Tolerance is 1.0mm.- Tip included angle measurement of 60 degrees. tolerance is 1 degree.- Tip base diameter measurement of 20mm. tolerance is 0.25mm. Full information and descriptions for how to assemble the instrument, conduct a test and DCP test worksheet are included in our brochures and the user guide documents.



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