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EN• ASTM • AASHTO used for automatic extraction of asphalt mix with fi ller content determination and

bitumen calculation by difference method. The asphalt mixture is placed on top of the sieves (20-1150..) and by use of

trichloroethylene (perchlorethylene on option), vibration and centrifuge extraction divided into aggregates, fi ller and

binder-/solvent mixture. The solvent is automatically recovered by use of attached recovery still and is used again for

the next extraction. Minerals and fi ller have to be dried after extraction. Max. quantity per extraction appr. 3.5 kg of

asphalt mixture. Extraction time appr. 35 min. without drying of minerals and fi ller. Supplied with 3 centrifuge cups 20-

0330. Sieve sets 20-1150… and under frame 20-1125 to be ordered additionally.
Dim. appr. 1050x750x1400 mm.

220 V, 50 H, 3 P+N+PE, 3.5 kW



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