Product code: I/B-098


Product features:


ASTM D1310
ASTM D3143
Volatile flammable between 0 and 175°F It is used to determine the flash points of substances using the open cup method.

flare ranges from 0 to 175°F.

Supplied with complete chamber, water bath, thermal heating device, thermometers

ASTM 9C -5 to +110°C and ASTM 57C -20 to +50°C.


Power supply: 230 V 1 ph 50 Hz 600 W.

Dimensions: 200x300x400 mm approx.

Weight: 6 kg

50 gr. grease
500 pieces of 12 mm filter paper are supplied.
Device dimensions: 25x25x35 cm
Weight: 15 kg



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