Product code :I/C-426

STANDARDS: TS EN 12390-8, EN 12364, DIN 1048, ISO 7031
The device detects the depth of water penetration into the concrete (impermeability) at 3 or 6 points under known pressure and time.
It accepts cube, cylinder and prism samples with maximum dimensions of 200x200x200 mm.
The sample is placed in the test cabinet, compressed with appropriate connections and gaskets, and then water under known pressure is applied to the sample surface at the desired time and according to the standard.
A suitable air compressor capable of producing 5 bar air pressure is required.
Water permeability is read by breaking the sample or directly from a graduated burette fixed to the front panel.

Size: 1290 x 450 x1280 mm
Weight: 120 kg



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