Product code: I/M-054


Product features:

STANDARDS:EN 196-3,ASTM C187,C191,AASTHTO T129-T131,BS 4550
Cartesian Robot Controls Penetration Tool Movements are along X Y Z axes
It can be programmed up to 4 different test types and can store over 50 tests and print them from the PC port or transfer them to the computer.
Start and end adjustment time (within 0.1 mm)
It has a device that automatically wipes the needle.
Automatically records measurements for up to 50 tests and stops
It has a probe for consistency determination.
It has a screen for data entry and graph/test report
Test report and graph can be sent from printer
There is an RS 232 port for PC connection
Molds and needles must be ordered separately according to standards
Power: 220-240 V 1 ph 50 Hz single phase
Size: 355 x 620 x 580 mm
Weight: 40 kg




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