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The device is automatic and can take the load deformation (flow) graph. YOU CAN CONTROL COMPUTERS AND SAVE THE DATA WITH THE RS 232 PORT.
It is a durable frame for measuring Load and Deformation. It is designed to be used with minimal maintenance. Plate rising speed is 50.8 mm/minute, motor is protected against overload. The applied load is measured by a 50 kN capacity precision load cell and displayed on the digital display. Maximum movement and mold are controlled by the safety switch. The device is complete with load cell, mechanical comparator, stability mold and flow meter.

Max. vertical clearance: 645 mm

Horizontal clearance: 275 mm.

Cylinder travel: 60 mm.
Power: 20-240 V 1 ph 50 Hz 750 W
Size: 520 x 550 x 1450 (h) mm.
Weight: 155 Kg



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