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It determines the amount of water required by the cement paste to determine its consistency and setting time. Supplied with a 10 mm diameter consistency probe weighing 300 g.
The measurement of movement is read from the indicator scaled in mm. The device is complete with glass plate, EN needle and heart.
Size: 260 x 250 x 450 (h) mm.
Weight: 4 kg
Accessories and spare parts

Product Code No: İ/M-055-01
ASTM/AASHTO needle dia. 1mm
Product Number: İ/M-055-01
ASTM/AASHTO needle diameter 1 mm
Product Code No: İ/M-055-02
EN/BS needle dia. 1.13mm
Product Number: İ/M-055-02
EN/BS needle diameter 1.13 mm
Product Code No: İ/M-055-03
BS/EN final needle with special foot
Product Number: İ/M-055-03
EN/BS socket termination needle with special feet
Product Code No: İ/M-055-04
EN Conical plastic mold dia. 70/80h 40mm
Product Number: İ/M-055-04
EN Conical plastic mold diameter 70/80 h 40 mm
Product Code No: İ/M-055-05
ASTM/AASHTO Conical plastic mold dia. 60/70h 40mm
Product Number: İ/M-055-05
ASTM/AASHTO Conical plastic mold diameter 60/70 h 40 mm



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